What is a ISS Online Trading account?
A ISS Online Trading account is more than a broking account. It offers you a unique 3-in-1 account, which integrates your Broking, Bank and Demat accounts. This means that you can buy and sell shares at the click of the mouse and the processes like clearing, settlement, pay-in and pay-out follow automatically through our high end technology solutions. ISS Online Trading account allows you to integrate your Trading account with ISS Enterprise Limited [Erstwhile: ISE Securities & Services Limited] and Demat account at Interconnected Stock exchange of India (ISE). You need to open a bank account at any branch of HDFC Bank, if you have no bank account with this bank. Particulars of this bank account are required to be submitted along with a proof(s) of having such a bank account, if not registered with earlier Client Registration form.
If I already have an Offline trading and Demat account with ISS, do I need to open a new account?
How do I operate my account?
Who is eligible for this service?
How do I become a ISS Online Trading customer?
I have sent in my application, what happens next?
How do I know my application has been accepted?
Do I have to maintain any deposit with ISS Services Ltd. for the broking account?
Products offered in ISS online Trading Account ?
Which Bank Account can I use for ISS Online Trading?
How frequently will I be able to know the status of my Orders and trades?
I want to buy some shares. But I do not have any money in my Bank Account. What do I do?
On which exchanges will I be able to buy and sell shares?
What kinds of orders can I place?
What is a Disclose Quantity (DQ) order?
Which shares will I be able to buy and sell?
Do I get online confirmation of orders and trades?
Can I modify my order?
Can I cancel my order in the system?
Can I enter orders After the trading hours (AMO order ) .What happens to such orders?
Do I need to have money before buying of shares?
Can I go short ?
How will I be informed of my trade execution?
If I have purchased a share, do I have to take delivery?
If I have sold some shares, can I use the cash projections therefrom to buy other shares?
If I have sold, do I have to give delivery of shares?
I have bought some shares but shares have not come into my demat account?
I have bought some shares but they still have not come to demat account. Can I sell them?
What is a short delivery?
What is an auction?
What are the requirements of Stop loss orders ?
Futures and Options ?
What happens if the shares are not bought in the auction?
How do I buy and sell shares on delivery basis through my ISS Online Trading Account?
Can I buy securities against the proceeds of sales that I have done under a delivery transaction?
Till what time can I trade under delivery basis?
Can I place orders for future execution beyond the market timings?
When will the funds be withdrawn from my bank account for the purchases that I have made?
How will I receive the purchased shares in my demat account?
When will the shares be withdrawn against my sale transactions?
What happens if the exchange does not give the shares pay out due to shortages?
What happens if the exchange does not receive the shares in auction?
What is meant by 'squaring off a position'? What is a cover order?
What is BTST?
How does the customer place an order in BTST?
Can BTST facility be used even when the current settlement is going on?
Which securities are available for BTST?
What will happen in case the delivery for shares sold by the customer is not received from the exchange?
Where can I view the shares purchased yesterday ?
What are reports available on ISS Online Trading facility?
What would be the brokerage applicable?
Whether the shares will get credited in my demat account?

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