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    • ISS Enterprise Limited [Erstwhile: ISE Securities & Services Limited] has registered with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Depository Participant vide its Registration No: IN-DP-CDSL-695-2013 for offering DP Services of Central Depository Services (India) Ltd (CDSL). ISS Depository Participant (DP) services reach out to intermediaries and investors at industry - leading prices. The full suite of DP services are offered using online software, accessible through multiple connectivity modes – leased lines, VSATs and internet

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  • DOs AND DON'Ts
    • DO's
      • Register for CDSL's internet based facility 'easi' to monitor your demat account yourself. Contact ISS DP for details.
      • Register for CDSL's SMS Alert facility - SMART and obtain alerts for any debits or credits due to a corporate action,in your demat account.
      • Accept the DIS book from ISS DP only if each slip has been pre-printed with a serial number along with your demat account number and keep it in safe custody.
      • Always mention the details like ISIN, number of securities accurately. In case of any queries, please contact ISS DP or broker.
      • Ensure that all demat account holder(s) sign on the DIS.
      • Please strike out the any blank space on the slip.
      • Cancellations or corrections on the DIS should be initialed or signed by all the account holder(s).
      • Submit the DIS ahead of the delivery date for all type of market transactions. DIS can be issued with a future execution date.
      • Check the investor service record of the issuer company with ISS DP before deciding to send certificates for demat. The list of companies whose demat request are pending is published at
      • Before sending securities for demat, record the distinctive numbers of the securities sent.
      • Before granting Power of Attorney(PoA) to anyone, to operate your demat account, carefully examine the scope & implications of powers being granted.
      • PoA is not mandatory for opening a demat account.
      • The demat account has a nomination facility and it is advisable to appoint a nominee, in case of sole account holders.
      • Ensure that, both, your holding and transaction statements are received periodically as instructed to ISS DP. You are entitled to receive a transaction statement every month if you have any transactions and once a quarter if there have been no transactions in your account.
      • Check your demat account statement on receipt. In case you notice any unauthorized debits or credits, contact ISS DP for clarification. If not resolved, you may contact CDSL's Investor Relations Officer, Mr. Krishnamurthy Iyer, Central Depository Services (India) Ltd., 17th Floor, P.J.Towers, Dalal Street, Mumbai - 400 001,Tel. 2272 8687 ,
      • Do not leave your instruction slip book with anyone else.
      • Do not sign blank DIS as it is equivalent to a bearer cheque.
      • Avoid over-writing, cancellations, misspellings, changing of the name and quantity of securities.
      We request you to meticulously follow the above instructions, to avoid any problem in operation of your demat account.
  • Application Forms
    • Application Form Download
      2. Know Your Client (KYC) Individual
      3. Know Your Client (KYC) Non-Individual
      4. Know Your Client (KYC) Non-Individual Annexure
      5. Demat Account Opening Form for Individual
      6. Demat Account Opening Form for Non-Individual
      7. Nomination Form
      8. SMS Registration Form
      9. Basic Services Demat Account (BSDA) Option format
      10. Tariff Structure of ISS Enterprise Ltd.-DP
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  • Collection Centers
    • Collection Centers Download
  • Enquiry
  • ISS DP Branch Offices
      ISS Enterprise Limited [Wrstwhile: ISE Securities & Services Limited]
      684, Stock Exchange Building,Trichy Road,
      Singanallur, Coimbatore - 641 005 (TAMILNADU)
      Mobile No.- 9994444478
      Tel. No.- 0422-4395938/4395663
      Fax No.- 0422-4395664
      E-mail ID –
      (Branch Incharge: Mr. D. Prakash)
      ISS Enterprise Limited [Wrstwhile: ISE Securities & Services Limited]
      16/11, 3rd Floor, R.D. Chamber,
      Arya Samaj Road, Karol Bagh,
      New Delhi - 110005
      Mobile No.- 9311410777
      Tel. No.- 011-45064732
      Fax No.- 011-28750889
      E-mail ID –
      (Branch Incharge: Mr. Santosh Kumar)

      ISS Enterprise Limited [Wrstwhile: ISE Securities & Services Limited]
      403, Mukti Chambers, 4, Clive Row
      Kolkata - 700 001 (WEST BENGAL)
      Mobile No.- 9339751004
      Tel. No.- 033-64596348
      Fax No.- 033-22313393
      E-mail ID –
      (Branch Incharge: Mr. Koushik Saha)
      ISS Enterprise Limited [Wrstwhile: ISE Securities & Services Limited]
      Block no 6A-I, Bajaj Wing 3rd floor,
      Mangalwari Complex Near Anjuman College Sadar ,
      Nagpur- 440001
      Mobile No.- 9372157498
      Tel. No.- 0712 - 2581041 / 6637439
      Fax No.- 0712-6637439
      E-mail ID –
      (Branch Incharge: Mr. Jay Kumar Mishra)
      ISS Enterprise Limited [Wrstwhile: ISE Securities & Services Limited]
      803, Ashiana Plaza, Budh Marg,
      Patna - 800 001 (BIHAR)
      Mobile No.- 9334174675
      Tel. No.- 0612-3206198
      Fax No.- 0612-2206494
      E-mail ID –
      (Branch Incharge: Mr. Nageswar Kumar Tiwary)

      ISS Enterprise Limited [Wrstwhile: ISE Securities & Services Limited]
      Shine Tower, 2nd Floor, S.J. Road,
      Arya Chowk,Rehabari,
      Guwahati - 781 008 (ASSAM)
      Mobile No.- 9435013512
      Tel. No.- 0361-2736137
      E-mail ID –
      (Branch Incharge: Mr. Nabakrishna Kalita)
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  • FAQs
    • 1) What is a depository
      2) How can I avail the service of a depository ?
      3) What are the benefits of participation in a depository ?
      4) What are the facilities offered by NSDL/CDSL ?
      5) You mentioned that I would have to open an account with a DP if I want to participate in the depository. Who is a DP ?
      6) How do I select a DP ?
      7) Whether all the DPs are same ?
      8) What should I do when I want to open an account with a DP ?
      9) Can I open more than one account with the same DP ?
      10) Am I restricted to having account with only one DP ?
      11) Do I have to keep any minimum balance of securities in my account with my DP ?
      12) Can I open a single account for securities owned in different ownership patterns such as securities owned individually and securities owned along-with my wife ?
      13) What do I do if I have physical certificates with the same combination of names, but the sequence of names is different. i.e. some certificates with husband as first holder and wife as second holder and other set of certificates with wife as first holder and husband as the second holder ?
      14) Can someone else operate my account on my behalf on the basis of a power of attorney ?
      15) Why should I give my bank account details at the time of account opening ?
      16) Can I change details of my bank account ?
      17) What is 'Standing Instruction' given in the account opening form ?
      18) Can I operate a joint account on "either or survivor" basis just like a bank account ?
      19) Can I add or delete names of accountholders (second or third accountholder) after opening the account ?
      20) What should I do if my address is changed ? Do I need to write to each company separately ?
      21) Can I close my demat account with one DP and transfer all securities to my account with another DP ?
      22) What would be the charges for account closure and securities transfer due to account closing ?
  • ISS DP Circular
    • Circular Form Download
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