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National Highways Declared in Uttar Pradesh
(21-Mar-2017, 08:41 Hours IST)  
The total length of National Highways (NHs) in the country is about 1,13,298 km. State roads are declared as new NHs from time to time on the basis of well established principles; the criteria for State roads for declaration as new NHs include roads running through length / breadth of the country, connecting adjacent countries, National Capitals with State Capitals / mutually the State Capitals, major ports, non-major ports, large industrial centers or tourist centers, roads meeting very important strategic requirement in hilly and isolated area, arterial roads which enable sizeable reduction in travel distance and achieve substantial economic growth thereby, roads which help opening up large tracts of backward area and hilly regions (other than strategically important ones), achieving a National Highways grid of 100 km, etc.

The receipt of No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Government, regarding transfer of assets and liabilities of new NHs declared in State of Uttar Pradesh during 2014, 2015 and 2016, is an essential prerequisite for entrusting these to the agencies such as State Public Works Department (PWD), National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), etc., for taking up maintenance and development works on such new NHs. The Ministry has received NOC from the State Government of Uttar Pradesh in respect of new NH No. 219, No. 227A, No. 334A, No. 334B and No. 731A only and these NHs have been entrusted to the State Government of Uttar Pradesh recently in December, 2016. The Ministry has allocated an amount of Rs. 19.05 crores during year 2016-17 under Ordinary Repair (OR) sub head under Maintenance & Repair head (M&R) to meet the contingency for keeping all the NHs including these newly entrusted NHs in traffic worthy condition. The further development of these newly entrusted NHs are taken up depending upon the availability of funds, inter se priority, traffic count and approved annual plan.

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